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Holistic Approach

Trees are often the focal point when it comes to forest restoration; however, forest are composed of much more than trees! The key to nursing a forest back to health lies within restoring its many layers, from the soil up. We see the bigger picture and recognize the crucial role every component plays. We work with the ecosystem as a whole to reinvigorate and return it to a more functional, biodiverse state.

Ecological Functionality

Our methodology minimizes impacts to the soil, water, fauna, and existing native plant community. Rather than degrading the ecosystem in the process of "saving" it, we "edit" out the undesirable plants, leaving the native species in place to restore and maintain ecosystemic functionality. This leads to a faster recovery and, ultimately, to a self-sustaining forest.

Manual, Chemical-Free Options

We offer chemical-free options for invasive species management without the use of heavy machinery. Heavy machinery and herbicides create collateral damage, further weakening the ecosystem and impairing its ability to recover. Therefore, we have developed techniques which allow us to minimize soil disturbance and herbicide usage as much as possible.

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